BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


Musical Groups

BuxMont is proud to host several exciting choirs and instrumental groups.  Anyone with a love of music is enthusiastically encouraged to join one or more of these groups.  No experience or auditions required.  All BuxMont musicians are also welcome to join us on Facebook in the BuxMont UU Musicians Facebook Group.

Adult Choir
Meets weekly on Wednesday evenings and performs at several services each month.

Creedless Creekwater Revival
Lively group of vocalists and instrumentalists that practices on Thursday nights and performs monthly at services and other social events.

Family Choir
Intergenerational choir that performs several times a year and meets weekly in the weeks leading up to those performances.  Children are very welcome to participate.

Instant Choir
Ad-hoc choir that performs monthly, meeting 45 minutes before the service to learn one or more songs.  No further commitment required.

Metaphysical Singers (Men’s Choir)
Meets every other Saturday morning and performs monthly at services, concerts, and coffee houses.


Get Involved

Interested in playing or singing with us?  Email music@buxmontuu.org or fill out the form below, and we’ll help you find the perfect group or event.

Coffee Houses


Are you a secret singer/song-writer?  A passionate poet?  A member of a rolling rock band?  Or perhaps daring dance is your thing?  Come strut your stuff in a supportive, intimate environment and get on the road to your own Indy label.

Song Circles

Song Circle
Every couple of months, singers and instrumentalists gather for an old-fashioned song circle in the social hall.   Bring along your favorite friends, songs, instruments, and snacks to form a circle where all are encouraged to take turns in requesting, performing, or leading favorite and cherished songs.



BuxMont regularly hosts concerts for its own musicians and for outside ensembles.  Check the Calendar and Newsletter for event listings.