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Peace and Justice

About the Peace & Justice Committee

Consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles, commitment to social justice has been a part of the fabric of BuxMont since its founding. The first ‘”Social Action” committee was formed at BuxMont in 1962. The committee’s name has evolved over the years to reflect the interests and concerns of its members and the broadening scope of work the committee engages in. The current mission of the BuxMont Peace and Justice Committee is to, “Uphold the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism by supporting economic, social justice, and environmental issues locally, nationally, and globally through education, advocacy and action.”

Social Action10 New OrleansIn addition to long-standing involvement in the Apartment Partners Project (through the Bucks County Housing Group) and participation in the annual Oxfam Banquet, current activities include collecting food for the food pantry in Doylestown; supporting immigrant families with services and donations; sponsoring programs and courses on ethical eating and food and environmental justice; participation in the Congregational Study Action Issues, “Immigration as a Moral Issue” and “Reproductive Justice”; sponsoring letter-writing campaigns; presenting services and special events on issues such as compassionate consumption and healthcare; and presenting movies and speakers on peace and justice issues.

The committee is also active in UUPlan, a state-wide action group that seeks to represent Unitarian Universalist principles and viewpoints to Pennsylvania legislators. We encourage our children to participate in Fellowship-wide social justice activities.  Additionally, each year children have the opportunity to chose a project that is meaningful to them through the religious education program.

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