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Quest: Thoughtful Discussion of Our World

The BuxMont Quest for Meaning Discussion Group considers ethics, morality, consciousness, human nature,  science, religion and more with the intention of pooling knowledge, finding inspiration, and deepening understanding of our part in the developing cultural memes of these times.

The next discussion will be held on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 12:30 p.m. in Room 106.

Every World View Tells a Story – If they asked us humans who we were and what we were doing; if they asked us what happened… what would we say?  What are some of the important pieces that have gone into the building of our individual and collective understandings of reality?

  • What do we believe about human consciousness?  About life and death?
  • What do we still expect of ourselves, of people we know, of people we don’t know?   
  • What meaning, if any, have we found so far?

New visitors are always welcome.

For more information email: quest@buxmontuu.org

Past Discussions

November 2014:  Man’s Search for Meaning presented by Deborah

October 2014:  Nine personality types and their inter-relationship presented by Deborah

September 2014:  The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection presented by Deborah

March 2014: Eaarth:  Making a Living on a Tough New Planet presented by Deborah

February 2014:  Gossip presented by Deborah

January 2014:  Living for 32 with discussion led by Cease Fire PA

December 2013:  Beethoven’s Birthday presented by Barbara

November 2013: Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers presented by Deborah

October 2013:  End of Life Issues presented by Celia

September 2013:  A Course in Miracles:  Foundation for Inner Peace presented by Chris

June 2013:  “Reproductive Justice” led by Cynthia

May 2013:  Darwin: portrait of a genius by  Paul

April 2013Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers by Thich Nhat Hanh

March 2013:  “The ethics of providing good health care in a world of increasingly limited dollars for healthcare” presented by Michael

January 2013:  “What is Happiness?”  led by Deborah with a focus on research done by Ed Diener and his son Robert Biswas-Diener and reported on in their book Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth

November 2012:   “The Conservative Mind”  led by Kathy

September 2012:  “The Psychology of Evil” led by Deborah with a focus on work done by M. Scott Peck (People of the Lie:  The Hope for Healing Human Evil)

Recent Discussions

Martin Luther
October 2015:  Martin Luther

June 2015:  Deep Thoughts

May 2015:  Attention Deficit Disorder presented by Mike Layne

February 2015:  Twin Studies presented by Deborah

January 2015:  Crisis in Education presented by Larry Gold, PhD

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