BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


Volunteer librarians maintain an extensive library in the Fireside Room. All books are catalogued, and members may check them in and out using the card file on the adjacent desk.

The library was established to enhance the program at the Fellowship and support Unitarian Universalist principles. Materials are ordered at the request of the minister, committee heads, or by members of the congregation. Materials may also be donated. Materials in the library are for informational purposes in the pursuit of knowledge and represent free speech. Content may not reflect the views of all members of the Fellowship.

For more information about the library, browse our online catalog or email library@buxmontuu.org.

Checking Out

Members and friends of Buxmont may borrow materials from the Fellowship library. These items will circulate for a maximum of six weeks.  The borrower should sign the card with the date the book was borrowed and his/her name and telephone number. The card should then be placed in the yellow card holder on the desk.

Books should be returned to the library as soon as possible. Please place them in the book return basket.

Donating Books

Many of the books in our library have been donated by Fellowship members. We accept books, audio and video materials that have not been duplicated or copied, and current issues of magazines (not older than one year).

Generally, books and periodicals are accepted when they add strength to the collections. They are not normally accepted when restrictions on their use, location, or labeling are proposed. Unsolicited items are neither returned nor paid for. Unwanted gift material is disposed of as is deemed fit.

Please place donations in the basket marked “Donations” near the book return.

Volunteer Opportunities

Library volunteers are always appreciated. Please email: library@buxmontuu.org

Recent Additions

image001Shick, Stephen. Be the Change: Poems, Prayers & Meditations for Peacemakers & Justice Seekers



Wikstrom, Erik. Serving with Grace: Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice