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We want the Nursery to be a fun, safe place for our little ones, and we are committed to helping children become comfortable with us here.

Parents & other caregivers: you are always welcome to stay with your child(ren) to reassure yourselves and them that all is well here.  You are also welcome to leave your child(ren) and attend the service for your own spiritual nourishment.  We will do our best to engage children in play and comfort them as needed (but we will come and get you if anyone is inconsolable.

Families with babies and toddlers (or older kids) who are able to sit quietly are always welcome in the service as well, and those with ‘wanderers’ who would prefer not to be in the Nursery are encouraged to seat themselves in the Social Hall area.

The nursery is staffed on Sunday mornings and at some other times by paid care providers.  There is no charge for using the nursery, although families attending regularly are encouraged to register for the RE program and make a pledge to the congregation.

At other times, families are welcome to supervise their own infants & toddlers in the nursery.

The nursery is for children ages birth – 3 years old. There are rooms downstairs with play space and toys appropriate for older children – please use them if your children are over the age of 3!

NO food or drink in this room (other than labeled bottles for infants as needed.) Some children have serious food allergies or sensitivities and we can protect them by keeping crumbs and such out of their reach in this space.

PLEASE clean up after yourself and your child if you use this room after the staff has gone home.  Nobody else is going to, and then the staff will have to clean up before service on Sunday.  That’s not fair to them when they left it clean!

Our regular nursery staff person is Stacy Mahon.  Stacy has a degree in education from Chestnut Hill College in Education and has worked in childcare in a variety of settings since 2007.  She has provided weekly care to the youngest BuxMont UUs since 2010.

Stacy is assisted each week by a teen or young adult from our Fellowship.  These workers, like Stacy, are familiar with our little ones, kind, caring, and competent.

Any questions?  Please contact the DRE.

Guidelines for Nursery Care Workers

Guidelines for Anyone Using the Nursery

Welcome to the Nursery Brochure

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