BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Adult Education and Enrichment

The BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a diverse, welcoming, and caring religious community that fosters the spiritual growth of adults, children, and youth.  We promote Unitarian Universalist values, including social justice, environmental change, and service to others.  We are a vibrant congregation with high quality personnel, programs, and facilities to support our mission.

 It is our mission to:

  • Live, teach, and promote Unitarian Universalism and our liberal religious values.
  • Respect and care for one another, supporting the spiritual growth of each individual and providing a safe, tolerant, and welcoming spiritual haven.
  • Provide a religious education that will enrich our lives and the spiritual life of the broader community.
  • Match our actions to our values inside and outside our Fellowship, becoming a fulcrum for environmental, spiritual, and social change in the community.

Check the calendar for more information about meeting times and locations.

Christian Fellowship

The Christian Fellowship Group meets on the fourth Sunday after the service in room 105 to discuss Christianity in our congregation, in Unitarian Universalism in general and throughout the world. Anyone wishing to discuss the role of Christianity in liberal religion is welcome.


“Explorations” is an opportunity for new and long-time Unitarian Universalists to come together and talk about Unitarian Universalism as well as our own lives, beliefs, and spiritual practices. This six-session, small-group-ministry-based program meets once every two weeks at BuxMont. Topics covered include “Unitarian Universalist Principles,” “Our Beliefs,” and more. Click here for more information.

Unitarian Universalist History and Theologies

Periodically, the minister leads a special class on Unitarian Universalist history and theologies. The class is open to all and especially encouraged for newcomers and those who would like to grow in their understanding of Unitarian Universalism. Look for announcements in the bulletin and newsletter.

Other Adult Education Groups

Adult Discussion Group

Artists’ Community Experience (A.C.E.)

Bible Study

BuxMont Book Club

Small Group Ministries

Spiritual Parenting Group