BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Past Sermons

  • Caregivers

    Delivered by Jim Phynn, August 12, 2007 My father and his twin sister could not have been any more different.  Of their parents’ eight children, he was the tallest; she was the shortest.  He was the skinniest.  She was, well, not the skinniest. At some point in their childhood, their sibling rivalry apparently had a dispute where, if […]

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  • Religion and Civilization

    Delivered by Gary Bennett, May 8, 2005 Imagine this:  you are surrounded by loved ones, without inflated egos or scrambling for rank, wealth and power.  Private property is limited to the decorative or personal.  There is no “marrying or being given into marriage,” not in our economic sense.  There is plenty to do, but it is meaningful labor.  You toil […]

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  • The Last Acceptable Prejudices

    Delivered by Gary Bennett, May 23, 2004 A few years back the thesis was advanced by conservative Catholic writers, that beneath the sophisticated tolerance of America’s liberals, was one remaining “acceptable prejudice”: anti-Catholicism. Why else would anyone support birth control or oppose aid to private schools? More recently we are told that all critics of […]

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