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  • Movie Night!

    Don’t miss the movie night on March 5, sponsored by the RE kids to support their participation in www.kiva.org and their international micro-lending program. No cover charge for either of two movies (Living on One Dollar for older kids and serious adults, and a Miyazaki animated classic for younger kids and silly adults), but we […]

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  • March: Christianity

    For many UUs who were raised Christian but left that faith or who have experienced toxic encounters with strict and/or excessively evangelical Christians, the idea that we teach our kids about Christianity can be troubling or confusing. Others with more positive associations may still have questions about how we approach this topic given the strong […]

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  • RE Fees Eliminated for 2016 – 2017!

    The RE Board proposed and the Board of Trustees agreed to eliminate RE registration fees effective July 1, 2016. While the fee has been in place for some time, it wasn’t always there and we’ve been considering the message it sends. No other core program of the Fellowship requires a fee for participation – and […]

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  • February: Confucianism and Taoism in the World Religions Workshop!

    Chinese folk traditions and the philosophical/religious systems of thought founded by Confucious and Lao-Tzu underlie the culture and thinking of over a fifth of the world’s population. We’ll be learning some folk tales and wisdom stories to introduce these ideas to our kids – and learn about them ourselves.

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  • Rachel Carson

    We are snowed out for Sunday, January 24 2016!  Our World Religions Workshop class was supposed to hear the story of an environmental heroine: Rachel Carson.  I’m sharing the story here for anyone who’d like to share the story with their kids at home.  Planned activities were examining fossils, shells, rocks, and bones, and taking […]

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  • Do you know how strong you are?

    Over the summer, the RE Board and DRE decided to focus on a different world religion each month during the program year. December, we said, would be the month we learned about and from Islam. There is so much fear and anger in the world right now. Much of it is aimed at Muslims and […]

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  • Supporting Kiva.org

    Every year, the RE kids raise money for a cause or organization, and they get an opportunity to vote on where they would like to send it. In past years, they have chosen Heifer International, Plant One Million, and 2nd Chance, Inc.   This year, we continue our tradition of giving back by donating to […]

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  • Gardens Update–November 7, 2015

    DUE TO EVENT AND TRAVEL CONFLICTS, we ended up canceling our October work sessions in the Gardens. No doubt Harry continued to work in the Detention Basin Wild Garden, and Rick worked independently early in October. Rick pruned roses, weeded, and excised pawpaw suckers outside of classroom 105. Nancy most likely worked too, preparing the […]

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  • Why should we attend regularly?

    This month I want to share with you the true words of a colleague, a DRE at a UU congregation in Arkansas. She, as I, has been thinking about the value of attending Fellowship and RE as often as possible. I’ve adapted slightly for our circumstances here at BuxMont, but basically, these are her words […]

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  • Oxfam Hunger Banquet

    You’re invited to attend BuxMont’s Hunger Banquet on Thursday, November 19 and help us to save lives and fight the poverty and injustice of worldwide hunger.  Experience food insecurity by fasting all day and then attend our Hunger Banquet to share your experience with others.  When you arrive, you are randomly assigned to a high-, middle-, […]

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