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  • Supporting Kiva.org

    Every year, the RE kids raise money for a cause or organization, and they get an opportunity to vote on where they would like to send it. In past years, they have chosen Heifer International, Plant One Million, and 2nd Chance, Inc.   This year, we continue our tradition of giving back by donating to […]

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  • Gardens Update–November 7, 2015

    DUE TO EVENT AND TRAVEL CONFLICTS, we ended up canceling our October work sessions in the Gardens. No doubt Harry continued to work in the Detention Basin Wild Garden, and Rick worked independently early in October. Rick pruned roses, weeded, and excised pawpaw suckers outside of classroom 105. Nancy most likely worked too, preparing the […]

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  • Why should we attend regularly?

    This month I want to share with you the true words of a colleague, a DRE at a UU congregation in Arkansas. She, as I, has been thinking about the value of attending Fellowship and RE as often as possible. I’ve adapted slightly for our circumstances here at BuxMont, but basically, these are her words […]

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  • Oxfam Hunger Banquet

    You’re invited to attend BuxMont’s Hunger Banquet on Thursday, November 19 and help us to save lives and fight the poverty and injustice of worldwide hunger.  Experience food insecurity by fasting all day and then attend our Hunger Banquet to share your experience with others.  When you arrive, you are randomly assigned to a high-, middle-, […]

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  • Help the 11:15 Peace & Justice Projects RE Class help the Narenj Tree Foundation help refugees!

    Dear BuxMonters – As you know, the first Sunday of each month of the 11:15 Religious Education class will be focusing on Peace and Justice Projects. In keeping with that, our first project will be to collect items for donation to The Narenj Tree Foundation. The mission of Narenj Tree Foundation is to provide emergency […]

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  • Introducing our Pre-K Sunday School Teacher, Wendy Sheahan!

    Wendy tells us … “I am a single mom of two kids, ages 14 and 8. I have always homeschooled both my children with a child-led interest learning approach. It has been an awesome journey for us so far. My son started high school this year, but my daughter who is 8 has remained home […]

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  • Gardens Update–September 20, 2015

    Pawpaws forming on August 17, 2015

    TREVOR AND STEVE worked at various times on Saturday to essentially complete their part of the NEW LABYRINTH. The labyrinth is located creekwards of the rear parking lot. It features several circuits enclosed in a perimeter of trees and shrubs. Unlike many labyrinths, it incorporates handsome stained wooden benches in one of the circuits so that the […]

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  • Heart’s Deepest Question

    What is your heart’s deepest question? A heart’s question is one which cannot be answered by a magic 8 ball – no yes, no, or maybe. It can’t be about the future (“will I be happy?”) or someone else (“will she ever change?”) And it can’t be a question you can do some research on […]

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  • The time to register for Religious Education classes for children and youth is NOW!

    If you have a child or teenager who will be participating in the RE program, please go to http://www.buxmontuu.org/education/childrens-religious-education/register/ and register as soon as possible.  

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  • Gardens Update–August 23, 2015

    IMG_2454 copy

    INDEPENDENT WORK by several of our “regulars” has created new features and improved maintenance. Dale was very eager not to have to re-weed again an extensive area on the creek edge of the Celebration Garden. He and Ken had worked hard there on August 1 but hadn’t been able to finish corn-glutening and mulching. Dale returned […]

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