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  • April Musings from John

    Last night I attended one of BuxMont’s song circles, and got to know several people I had not yet run into at BuxMont. Two of them had been invited by someone from BuxMont who knows they like to play and sing. Two, a mother and her son, have visited a few Sundays, but I had […]

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  • March Musings from John

    Each Sunday morning our BuxMont community comes together for our weekly service. Many of us call it a worship service, others ask, “Worship what?” and prefer to simply call it a service. Whatever we call it, our service is a time of community in a place set aside for our hearts and minds to open […]

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  • February Musings

    I am grateful for the many ways BuxMont has nurtured my calling to Music Ministry over the years. One of the most important investments you’ve made in this is to help send me to the annual Unitarian Universalist’s Musician’s (UUMN) conference. Over the years I’ve learned much from UUMN. It started with basics on how […]

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  • Musings for January: Our Coffee Houses

    IMG_9010 blog Crop

    The holidays will be over, but the music keeps going!  Unwind at the BuxMont Coffee House on January 4 at 7 PM.  Share a poem, a song, a story, or some tasty treats to eat.  Sit back and listen to an eclectic mix of artists from BuxMont and our community.  If you want to sign […]

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  • Musings for October: Singing Our Pathways Together

    There is an old Unitarian Universalist joke which suggests that we UU’s don’t sing hymns well because we’re always reading ahead to see if we agree with the words.  Luckily at BuxMont, the first part of that joke falls flat because the congregation clearly enjoys singing our songs and hymns.  I hope that the latter […]

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  • September Musings

    Our BuxMont community is woven deeply together by our connections with each other and by rich diversity of experiences, activities and contributions we share with each other and the world. Music is a part of that rich tapestry which enriches and deepens our connections with each other, with the larger world, and with the divine. […]

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  • Planting Songs

    As many of you know, I’ve been a grandfather for four months now.  Luckily my grandson Matthew lives nearby and I can help with his care several days each week.  We have had many a fine adventure, and filled many a memory card with photos and videos.   Our play sessions on the floor are delightful. […]

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  • Nurturing Community

    This is adapted from the meditation and closings from the recent “Celebrating Comfort and Challenge” service. Each time we come we seek fellowship, We share our joy and we hold each other in sorrow, We renew our spirits, We renew our connection to each other. This fellowship is a haven for us on life’s journey. […]

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  • Hidden Treasures

    A long time ago, in a place not so far away, a friend handed me a booklet and encouraged me to reach out beyond BuxMont’s four walls to a community of UUs engaged in making music in our congregations. There are many national UU communities which nurture leaders, seekers, musicians, Christians, Pagans, teachers, social activists, […]

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  • A Place Full of Magic

    As many of you know, I like to find magic everywhere. One of my favorite places to find it is our BuxMont UU Fellowship. I’m particularly amazed this year at the blossoming of creativity in our music program. Our upcoming Coffee House on May 19 will be a great way to hear and see some […]

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