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Nearly a decade ago, BuxMont became a Welcoming Congregation. Our primary goal as a group is to facilitate the second phase of this process: Living the Welcoming Congregation.

Congratulations, Pennsylvania!

Read BuxMont’s Special Statement on Marriage Equality.

Working for Equal Rights

New Hope Pride Parade

BuxMont is proud to march every year in the New Hope Pride Parade to show our support for LGBT rights.



For more information about this event, or to march with us, email peaceandjustice@buxmontuu.org.

Other News

The Split Plate recipient for June 2013 was Foyer of Philadelphia. The mission of this organization is to facilitate LGBTQ young adults’ transition from foster care and/or homelessness to self-sufficiency and independence. The agency provides LGBTQ young adults with educational opportunities, employment resources, and housing stability. The comprehensive services available through Foyer benefit participants by enriching their skills and developing their self-awareness as they mature into adulthood.

During a typical year, Foyer of Philadelphia will serve 35 LGBTQ homeless young adults through its overnight winter program, the Foyer Night Resource Program. The participants in the Foyer Night Resource Program will receive food, counseling services, case management, and therapeutic programming including movement, music, meditation, and creative writing, and will participate in an early morning AM Program from 7:00am-12:00pm where they will receive case management, peer mentorship, and employment, housing referrals and assistance. Foyer is dedicated to opening doors for LGBTQ young people. For information about this organization, please see http://www.foyerofphiladelphia.org/1.html 

Related Sermons and Services

Changes of Heart
Unitarian Universalists often talk about the value of the open mind and the importance of being open to new wisdom and information. Hearts can change too. Prejudices can be overcome, and our entire society can open itself to greater gifts of compassion.

LGBT Equality Rights in Pennsylvania
Steve Glassman, Chairman of The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and Vice Chairperson of the Governor’s Cabinet on Disability Rights, discusses the political climate with regard to LGBT equality at the local, state, and federal levels and cover issues related to: basic civil rights protections; relationship recognition, including same sex marriage laws; immigration reform; the implementation of the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell;” adoption and foster care issues; bullying and harassment; and hate crimes directed at LGBT individuals and communities.

HIV and Spirituality
Is HIV an intrinsically evil force in this world? Is living with an incurable disease something that serves as a continual bummer? Or is there a silver lining to be found? Join Colin and Jim as they relate how living with HIV has altered their perceptions on relationships, life, and spirituality.

True Colors
The Interweave organization of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and heterosexual allies at BuxMont welcomes the congregation to a celebration of our lives as sexual and gender minorities and of those who actively support us. We will share stories of triumph and struggle and through this expression, establish a more authentic relationship with the members of our congregation and our own Unitarian Universalist values.

Other Local Resources

Rainbow Room – Doylestown

The Rainbow Room is Bucks County’s only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Allied youth (LGBTQA) Center.  Youth ages 14-21 participate in weekly programs focused on education advocacy and recreation.  LGBTQA youth often face discrimination, an increased risk for self-destructive behavior and other challenges.  The Rainbow Room is free, confidential and provides a space where LGBTQA youth can be accepted, learn, build support networks and have fun.




Thank you to My Door Sign for the donation of two All-Gender Restroom signs!  They are a welcome addition to the Fellowship!