BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Circle Dinners

A tradition of Unitarian Universalism, Circle Dinners offer a lovely evening in a member’s home enjoying great company of new and old friends as well as sharing a delicious covered dish meal. There is no requirement to be a gourmet cook since the main objective is to get to know each other while having a wonderful evening in a relaxed atmosphere. There are usually 8-12 people at each dinner. Singles as well as couples are welcome. Consideration of food allergies and restrictions are honored as well as other specific needs a person may have. We want everyone to feel comfortable to attend the dinners! Members volunteer to host dinners in their homes.

2017 Schedule

* TBA. Email circledinners@buxmontuu.org for more information or to volunteer to help coordinate.

How It Works

Start by signing up using the form to the right or the sign up sheet posted on the Merriment bulletin board in the Social Hall. Deadlines for signing up for each dinner are publicized in the Liberal Voice, weekly e-Voice and announcements.

Everyone attending the dinner will receive notification by e-mail of where they are assigned for the dinner. If you do not have e-mail you will receive a phone call.

Next, each hostess contacts the members attending their dinner with requests for what is needed for the meal. Each hostess selects the time for the dinner to begin. In the event of inclement weather or any situation of concern, each hostess is responsible for deciding whether to have the dinner, postpone, or cancel.

What to Bring?

Some of the entrees brought to previous Circle Dinners have been chicken, chili, a pasta dish or ham.  All kinds of vegetables are good for a side dish. Salads range from a green salad to a fruit salad and desserts are sometimes home made and sometimes store bought. Bread and wine are also appreciated. The main objective of Circle Dinners is for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Excellent culinary skills are not necessary!

Questions? Email: circledinners@buxmontuu.org


Thanks to all who participated in the October 15th dinner. Check the newsletter and weekly email for announcements about future Circle Dinners.