BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


Full Calendar

Visit the full calendar for up-to-date event information including committee meetings, rentals and more.

Book Club

The BuxMont Book Club chooses a new book every month and meets to discuss it.

Circle Dinners

Circle Dinners are held every other month in members’ homes with 8-12 people at each dinner, each bringing a dish.  This is a great time to get to know other members in a more intimate setting.

Coffee Houses

Every other month, musicians, poets, and other performers gather to entertain all comers in the social hall.


BuxMont’s Floral Decorators—some with professional experience, some newbies—create two flower arrangements each week for Sunday services in the sanctuary, and tackle larger-scale decorating projects for holidays like Passover, Easter, Christmas, ingathering services, and some memorial services and Fellowship parties.


BuxMont’s Freecycle list allows members to find new homes for unneeded items (bicycles, baby cribs, dishes, furniture, electronics and more).  It also encourages members to request items that they need.


BuxMont Gardeners maintain BuxMont’s extensive grounds and its many plants and landscape features.


BuxMont is a welcoming congregation with many active LGBT members and a proud legacy of support for gay rights.


The Spiritual Parenting Group meets monthly to explore issues related to thoughtful parenting.  BuxMont parents also interact online in a private Facebook group, which all members and partners are invited to join.

Women’s Writing Group

The Women’s Writing Group meets monthly to respond to writing topics (prompts) and provide gentle and supportive feedback on written material shared with the group.


Yoga classes are held Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings.


The Youth Group provides age-appropriate Unitarian Universalist community, which offers support and challenges as our youth grow toward young adulthood.