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Our Religious Education Program is a Ministry- Jess Bors Acting DRE

In UU congregations across North America and I imagine in other parts of the world it is understood that religious education is a ministry of the congregation.  Of course it goes by different names like faith exploration or faith development.  The congregations also have different names; Church, Society, Congregation and Fellowship.  A Fellowship by definition is a friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.  Considering our faith I would take that one step further and say we are a loving association.  I believe that Fellowships are more close knit and more willing to engage in the ministry of religious education than perhaps their UU counterparts.

The month of November brings us the theme of Abundance.  We as a Fellowship are abundant in so many ways.  Our caring circle is like no other I have seen and our willingness to lend a helping hand to fellow members and friends is amazing.  There is always a wonderful floral arrangement and many voices in the choir.  I am asking that we become abundant in one more area of our Fellowship; our RE ministry.  I am asking you to consider volunteering in our programs.  

We have a thoughtful and loving covenant and mission and I encourage you to read them on our website.  Those two things are supported by the “doing”; the mission.  As you read the mission I hope your understanding moves you to give of your time to our programs.  We cannot have a rich program that speaks to our covenant and vision without carrying out our mission.

It is our mission to:

  • Live, teach, and promote Unitarian Universalism and our liberal religious values.
  • Respect and care for one another, supporting the spiritual growth of each individual and providing a safe, tolerant, and welcoming spiritual haven.
  • Provide a religious education for children, youth, and adults that will enrich our lives and the spiritual life of the broader community.
  • Match our actions to our values inside and outside our fellowship, becoming a fulcrum for environmental, spiritual, and social change in the community.

We have several members without young children that volunteer in the program and I hope you will ask to speak to them and hear how enriching it is for them.  We need abundance in all the ministries of our Fellowship and we need you in religious education.  Thank you.

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