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Let’s Journey Together- Jess Bors Acting DRE

I am so glad to be joining Buxmont Fellowship as your Acting Director of Religious Education.  The difference between an acting DRE and an Interim DRE is that after serving you for two years we together may decide for me to stay on the journey as your settled DRE.  Whereas an interim position is for a specific amount of time with no option to continue on together.  In both roles one of the tasks is look for opportunities for change in positive ways.  It’s nice to have a fresh set of eyes on your program and be able to see where the great parts are and where I might be able to help the program grow in a new direction.

There have been a lot of wonderful conversations in my larger religious education community about “Sunday School” and varied approaches to faith development.  I am excited to explore these conversations on your behalf and help ensure that our RE program continues to be a wonderful place for children of all ages.  Being a religious educator really is my heart’s song and I love to be in Fellowship with the young people especially when they discover a new idea or feel moved by something we shared with them.  In my last position I was often in the classroom and could be witness to those moments.  My favorite was after naming all of the obvious things a seed needed to grow by the class; dirt, water, sun, warm air a five year old raised her hand and said; “time”.  This really is the foundation of my religious education philosophy; time.  We all need time to let ideas and learnings grow!  I am so glad to have this time with you and your children.  

I look forward to helping foster intergenerational relationships in our community and helping families find ways to live out their faith throughout the week.  Continuing to provide a strong and vibrant religious education program for our young people is at the heart of my work.  Thank you for having me be a part of your community and being part of a wonderful legacy that has been your RE program.

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