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Gardens Update–Saturday, April 30, 2016

What a great turn-out for weeding and canna planting this morning, Saturday, April 30, 2016! Ken, Susie, Dale, Adrienne, Lillian, Marion, John, Lynne, and Melissa all worked on weeding the biggest island bed, essentially finishing it. This is a very major accomplishment! In this bed, Lynne started her work by digging out large seedling Cup Plants (native Silphium perfoliatum) to share (at LOW LOW prices) at BuxMont’s service auction next week. She ended her morning clearing the small bed next to the rear RE double doors, including pruning back the butterfly bush.

Micki and Dale spent most of their time digging out shallow planting areas for Micki’s husky donated canna rhizomes. She is very successful in overwintering these in her garage every year and freely donates as many extras as we can use to the BuxMont Celebration Garden. They have proved invaluable for our wet, sunny areas.

Dale also worked on the longest bed next to the building, finishing the major weeding job that he started last week. John arrived late after exercise classes and diligently weeded and cut back in the upper Celebration Garden island bed. We are truly ahead of the game this year and will be grateful in summer’s heat if we manage to corn gluten and mulch all the weeded areas in the next couple of weeks.

We are also very thankful for Martha’s new jug of homemade deer repellent, which is invaluable in keeping the animals from destroying some of our more succulent perennials.

Later in the afternoon Susie returned and got many of the Cup Plants potted up (about 21) though there is one wheelbarrowful left to pot. She ran into Harry, who had just shopped at the Churchville Nature Center plant sale for gifts to BuxMont. Harry’s Woodland Phlox, Marsh Marigold, Spiderwort, Highbush Blueberry, and Swamp Rose are destined for the Detention Basin Wild Garden. The ‘Maraschino Cherry’ Salvia will go somewhere in the Celebration Garden. Harry also pointed out many Rudbeckias, shared by Dave from Redeemer Valley Garden, which Harry has planted along the creek, on the south edges of Celebration Garden beds, and along the perimeter of the Detention Basin Wild Garden.


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