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Gardens Update–November 7, 2015

DUE TO EVENT AND TRAVEL CONFLICTS, we ended up canceling our October work sessions in the Gardens. No doubt Harry continued to work in the Detention Basin Wild Garden, and Rick worked independently early in October. Rick pruned roses, weeded, and excised pawpaw suckers outside of classroom 105. Nancy most likely worked too, preparing the Entrance Gardens for winter.

Susie and John hauled all the new and very large pots indoors when the first killing frost threatened in mid-October. Dawn Star and Bernard graciously agreed to host these tubs in ground-floor RE classrooms and the Gallery. While Susie was out of town, Ken kept the pots watered. A special “thrill” is having Jean‘s gift of orange gladiolus bulbs blooming now in a large pot in the Gallery.

Larry has donated an unusual, very large planter made from an old oil tank. He has cut the tank down, cleaned it out, worked on the surfaces, and plans to install a protective rubbery edge. We are considering how to best enjoy this unique gift. One idea is to plant it with lotuses, which need mud but not liquid water. Take a look at the tank planter near the plastic shed out back and make your suggestions for its best use. At present it has only one small drainage hole.

Today, November 7, despite a complete dearth of publicity, four of us worked for several hours for our last pre-scheduled work session of 2015. Adrienne and Ken collected and hauled off many tarps of giant pawpaw leaves. Dale, with some help from Susie, re-mulched the path to the bank for the winter. Susie, Ken, and Dale weeded the building-side Celebration Garden bed where leaves had been cleared. Then Dale and Susie dumped some more mulch on this area. As a result, the mulch pile is now about two-thirds reduced. We hope to finish it off before winter.

Of course there is much more work that should be done in the Gardens before bitter cold sets in. Hoses need to be drained and disconnected, and exterior spigots turned off. Leaves will continue to fall and should be removed. This year we hope to try leaving the cannas in the ground, topped by extra mulch. These are rhizomes that survived last winter in the ground whereas the ones that were dug mostly died in garage storage. (Micki evidently has a more successful technique at her house.) Many oriental bittersweet vines (=invasive pests) have been revealed as the leaves fall. These need to be extirpated. More invasives eradication is needed in the Detention Basin Wild Garden as well. We may decide on “just-in-time” work sessions, depending on weather, over the next few weeks. These will be announced by last-minute emails in hopes that a few people may be free to participate.


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