BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

A Place Full of Magic

As many of you know, I like to find magic everywhere. One of my favorite places to find it is our BuxMont UU Fellowship. I’m particularly amazed this year at the blossoming of creativity in our music program. Our upcoming Coffee House on May 19 will be a great way to hear and see some of our musical and other performing artists. The Coffee House stage is open to all who wish to sign up, should you wish to share your talents too. Watch for the fliers and a signup list around the Fellowship and elsewhere in this newsletter.

But BuxMont’s magic extends well beyond our musicians. We see it in the wonderful services our youth have and will be putting on. We see it in the eager faces who share in the story time in many of our services. It grows and blossoms in our lovely garden, in Religious Education classes for children and adults, in committees who bring wonderful events like the auction, or in others who keep the roof on and the snow plowed, in small group ministries, in the artists sharing in the gallery, and in loving outreach to those who need a hand or a hug, magic fills our community.

Recently one of the most creative magicians I know at BuxMont recently told me a story about magic that I’m glad happens, but am saddened that it is sometimes taken for granted. How do the rooms get straightened? How do the dishes get done? How do the chairs manage to be neat on most Sunday mornings? How do the lights get turned out and the doors locked? Magic Happens! But we all need to step up to the plate as magicians sometimes and take care of our own magic. It doesn’t take long to clean a dish or coffee cup, to return the hymnals after the second service, to turn off lights and lock up after an event. And somehow these things do get done, eventually, even when they’ve been left undone. So put on your magic hat, get out your wand, make some magic happen.

And while you are at it, try to figure out which magical beings have helped make your experience a good one. Donuts? Veggies? Where do they come from? Mystery! Teachers, gardeners, flower arrangers, ushers, greeters, worship associates, the list of BuxMont magicians is endless. Find someone to thank who hasn’t been thanked for a while. That feeds the magic and helps it grow.

Of course as a scientist by training, I not only believe in magic, I’m skeptical that it is entirely supernatural. But whether it aligns the energies of the universe, or is a metaphor which helps us tune our spirits and actions to the universe and our community, magic is alive and well at BuxMont. And the more magic you make, the more you get!

Blessed Be.

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